Farming for the Planet

DW Transtel | 06 4858
30 mins / ep
Episodes 22 – 26 (New Episodes)
Episodes 2 – 21 (Previous Episodes)
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Agriculture is under pressure to feed a burgeoning global population. And it has undergone dramatic developments in this regard over the last 100 years. But increasing industrialization of the sector has negative consequences: it burdens the environment and replaces manpower with technology, providing fewer people with a livelihood. If these developments continue unchecked, then before long the food we eat will be controlled by large corporations, and food markets will be geared towards short-term profit – at the expense of non-renewable resources such as land and water, at the expense of the rural population and biodiversity. But this is not the only way forward. Sustainable agricultural approaches and an efficient smallholding economy can in the long term create equilibrium between food security and the utilization of natural resources. There are examples of this all over the world, pursued by people who are Farming for the Planet.

02 Species-Appropriate Cattle Breeding (2016)
03 Fish Without the Side Effects (2016)
04 Time for Changes in Tea Production (2016)
05 For the Survival of Bees (2016)
06 The Fight for Seed Freedom (2016)
07 The Quest for Food Security (2017)
08 Defending Agriculture Agains Drought (2017)
09 The Fight for Future Food System (2017)
10 Wine – The Future is Organic (2017)
11 Life on a Biodynamic Farm (2017)
12 Lentils: The Ideal Crop for a Hotter Planet? (2021)
13 The “Post-Fossil” Farming Movement (2021)
14 Biodiversity and Agriculture – A Fruitful Coexistence (2021)
15 Digital Food (2021)
16 Regreening the Planet (2021)
17 Vertical Farming (2021)
18 On the Rooftops of Paris – Food from Next Door (2022)
19 Turning Back Time – Biodiversity in the Alps (2022)
20 Savvy Farmers – The Value of Agricultural Knowhow (2022)
21 Seeds for the Future (2022)
22 The Power of Community – For Sustainable Farming (2023) [NEW]
23 From the Garden of the Sea – Seaweed Farmers in Europe (2023) [NEW]
24 Back to Basics – Kenyan Agriculture Responds to Climate Change (2023) [NEW]
25 Productivity and Animal Welfare – The Modern Dairy Cow (2023) [NEW]
26 From Curse to Blessing – Aquaculture in the Floodplains of Bangladesh (2023) [NEW]

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