From the Glockner to the Carnic Alps

1 x 40 min

Documentary filmmaker Hans Jöchler captures spectacular images and breathtaking footage of traditions, history and nature here between Austria’s highest mountain and the Carnic Alps on the border to Italy. This stunning journey with unique aerial shots begins at the legendary Großglockner. Here in the mountains, the equally imposing and seemingly stoic ibexes feel right at home, while marmots huddle unabashedly in the lush green meadows among the silvery edelweiss. Over glittering ice fields and past waterfalls, the trail leads to Lake Margaritzen. It lies at the foot of the Pasterze, Austria’s largest glacier in the Hohe Tauern National Park, which as a gigantic water reservoir has always served as a fount of life for humans, flora and fauna. Heiligenblut is located on the Carinthian side of the Großglockner. The community is known for its pilgrimage church, which is a masterpiece of the late Gothic period with its carved high altar. The journey continues into the Fleißtal valley, where Tauern gold was once extracted with Stockmühlen, a unique type of watermill. Finally, the journey leads to Mallnitz and the Raggaschlucht Gorge, one of the most impressive gorges in Austria. This natural monument is like the eye of a needle – the thundering waterfalls can only be accessed in one direction. Passing the 3,000-meter-high Ankogel, the tour concludes in the Maltatal, the “valley of tumbling waters”.

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