From the Nock Mountains to the Karawanks

1 x 40 min

Filmmaker Hans Jöchler sets out on a journey across the rugged plateaus and through the enchanting landscape of the Carinthian mountains. Round, dark green hilltops give the Nockberge their name and this primeval mountain range its characteristic appearance. Passing by flowering alpine rose carpets and millennia-old karst alleyways, the beguiling scent of stone pines already beckons: The largest Swiss stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps is found here. At his hut, organic farmer Franz gives an insight into the production of his stone pine schnapps before exploring the “blood drops” of the Nockberge to the north of Lake Millstätter. Nowhere else in the Alps can you find more of these legendary, deep red carbuncle stones – countless tons of them sparkle in the Millstätter Granattor alone. Meanwhile, Villach is celebrating “Kirchtag”. In addition to the cheerful hustle and bustle, folk music, and the tasting of the typical Kirchtag soup with 5 types of meat, traditional costumes old and new are worn. Finally, another attraction is hidden inside the mountain scenery near Bad Eisenkappel: In the Obir stalactite caves, rock formations in endless variations convey the feeling of diving into a magical, alien universe.

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