From the Zugspitze to Lake Achen

ORF-E | 2018
1 x 43 min

This film takes us on a journey to the most beautiful peaks and landscapes between the highest mountain in Germany – the Zugspitze – and the Karwendel Mountains in Tyrol.

The border between Germany and Austria runs across the western summit of the Zugspitze at an altitude of almost 3000 meters. The panorama reaches as far as Lake Starnberg and the central Alps. From the helicopter, the unique Lake Alp can be seen. In the valley we stop in Ehrwald, the classic Zugspitze village. The journey continues over Lake Igel, an alpine idyll of unique beauty, which is only created every few years when there is enough snow from meltwater. Via the “Smuggler’s Trail”, a border crossing in the high mountains, we travel to the Königshaus at Schachen and make a short detour to King Ludwig’s hunting lodge. The municipality of Mittenwald as a former trading center still celebrates every summer the “Bozner Handicraft Market”, architecturally unique with its murals on the historic rows of houses. A sightseeing flight to the Drei-Zinken-Spitze is a last highlight in the skies before we gently land at Lake Achen, the largest lake in Tyrol.

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