Get Rid of It – The Art of Disposal

ORF-E | 2023
1 x 60 min

Waste, according to philosopher and artist Elisabeth von Samsonow, is both the excrement of society and a matter of perception. What we get rid of, what we don’t want to see anymore, we call waste and make a proper effort in trying to make it disappear. In Karin Berghammer’s film, she philosophizes about waste and manure in the city and in the countryside, on landfills, stockpiles and in the canal. Together they follow the discarded waste on its way to its respective next destination, from the garbage truck, to the sorting facilities, to the composting plant or to the sewage treatment plant. Waste or zero waste, that is the question here – one generates money, the other helps the climate. Elisabeth Samsonow’s reflections seduce us to think or see the familiar in a new way.

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