Giants of the Atlantic – Azores | 大西洋巨人-亚速尔群岛 (4K)

1 x 52 min

It’s a gigantic underwater mountain range, rising in mid-Atlantic – only a few peaks touch the surface, or reach still higher to build nine green gems, forming the islands of the Azores.These volcanic rocks, the only toehold between Europe and America, are of extraordinary beauty. The steep shelf of the Azores is both playground and mating ground for several kinds of whale. Here groups of males meet females, the males on their never-ending migration from Arctic to Antarctic and back again. It’s not just sperm whales, humpback whales or grey whales that break the surface – blue whales, the world’s biggest animals, come here too, to feed from the vast biomass produced and re-produced in the depths of the oceans. Drifting up from the deep sea, the plankton and krill attract huge schools of fish and squid. And now the dancers of the deep are on their way. Fast and elegant, curious but cautious, the blue sharks follow current and prey to join the hunt.


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