Glaciers – Frozen Wonder World

1 x 45 min
Worldwide except for Germany

In former times – in the last century – when life held more terrors, glaciers had a great deal of appeal. They were painted, conquered, climbed and turned into tourist attractions. But now the glaciers are melting and stagnating, and only a few are growing. Innsbruck glaciologists and the Alpine Association have been taking measurements for 127 years. Every year, 20 so called “Gletscherknechte” (glacier servants) collect samples and evaluate data. Glaciers are like living beings, always on the move, concealing secrets just waiting to be discovered. The Hintertux Glacier in Tyrol provides visitors with a glimpse of its interior, showing them the other worldly crystal palace of its natural ice cave. And what inspires awe in some provides scientists with new material for research into life and habitats in the ice.

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