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13 x 30 min
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Distant lands, unfamiliar cultures, different customs: globetrotting tours some of the world’s most diverse destinations. From well-trodden tourist routes to remote and isolated regions to big cities, and to unspoiled nature. Always in search of exceptional people and their stories, extraordinary sights, and pristine natural beauty.

01. The 1,000 Colors of Brazil
02. A Highway Through the Heart of Australia
03. Dagestan – The Unknown Caucasus Republic
04. Iceland – Nation of Fire and Ice
05. The Young South Africa
06. French Lifestyle in the Canadian Province of Quebec
07. The Rich Culture of Bangladesh
08. Jordan – A Pearl of Sand and Stone
09. New Zealand – Dream Destination in the Pacific
10. France’s Sun – Drenched South
11. Ethiopia – In the Highlands of the Blue Nile
12. Uruguay – Nation on the Silver River
13. Bhutan – Kingdom in the Himalayas

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