Greece – The Wild Side aka Highlands and Islands | 希腊-狂野的一面 (4K)

2 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France 

Snow storms around rugged mountain peaks, and lonely islands in the glistening Mediterranean Sea – Greece is a land of unique contrasts. With wild animals that have disappeared from the rest of Europe – and have developed very special strategies to survive!

Part I Highlands takes us to isolated and inaccessible mountain regions and breathtaking landscapes like the Vikos Gorge – Europe’s Grand Canyon, lakes and wild mountain streams, descending to unspoiled river deltas like the Nestos on the Aegean coast.

In winter wild horses retreat upwards to the deep snow on the peaks of the Pindos mountains, where they encounter Europe’s great predators: bears, jackals, lynx, eagles and vultures. At the foot of Meteora Monasteries lives the Sheltopusik, a bizarre legless lizard. Scorpions perform their mating dance, gripping each other’s pincers for hours while the male gently stimulates the female with poison from his barbed tail. In the Nestos Delta, pelicans breed beneath the snow-capped Rhodope Mountains.

Part II Islands is dedicated to Greece’s milder side: on Rhodes, crabs hunt butterflies as they hang in their thousands from the branches of the hazel pine, feeding on its resin. On the bare island of Gioura there lives an animal that is threatened with extinction: the Bezoar ibex, from which all other goat species are descended. On the beaches of southern Crete, salt-water-tolerant date palms spread Caribbean flair, while the rare Cretan Wildcat stalks through the island’s deep ravines. Most wonderful of all is the Cretan Spiny Mouse: this endemic animal has quills and rough, bushy hair instead of fur.


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