Green Forests and the Red Carpet

French with English subtitle
1 x 94 min

To help the renowned botanist Francis Hallé in his fight for the tropical forests, a documentary film maker passionate with nature decides to explore the movie industry, the cinema. He wants to achieve a Hollywood Blockbuster, an ecological Thriller, which would reach a larger audience, and push people to act for nature. He envisions Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead role. By going out of his comfort zone, the filmmaker starts a new and difficult adventure, for the sake of the forests. In between two filming sessions where one discovers him in Amazonia, Gabon, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica… one sees him making his way with malice and obstination to Hollywood, Berlin, Cannes, Paris, up to the editing room of Claude Lelouch, the office of Juliette Binoche, and many others. “Green Forests and The Red Carpet” tells this path, that obsession, and delivers a universal lesson : never give up and hang on to your dreams. This adventure is a suspensfull thriller… with at stake: will his movie – to help save the tropical forests – exist one day?

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