Green Island, Grey Desert (4K)

1 x 45 min

Featuring enchanting wildlife sequences set in a fantastical limestone otherworld, this spectacular new documentary showcases the raw beauty, wild creatures and fascinating contradictions of one of Ireland’s most striking wild wonderlands – a limestone desert on Ireland’s west coast called the Burren. Nestled against the unforgiving coast of the wild Atlantic Ocean in the far reaches of Ireland’s County Clare, the Burren is a harsh, rugged landscape like almost no other. Rolling grey hills of raw rock turn a barren face to the world, but a natural paradise lies below the surface – plains and mountains of silvery stone cleaved by fissures and underground caves; a mystical landscape many claim was the inspiration for Tolkien’s “Middle-earth”. The “Lord of the Rings” author was a frequent visitor to this region. As well as showcasing the wildlife of the Burren, this film will feature some of the human custodians of this unique place. With the natural world under such threat worldwide, the Burren is an outstanding example of a place where humans and nature try and live in harmony.

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