Hell and Paradise – Russia’s Wild Sea | 俄罗斯的野性之海

2 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Russia, France, Germany, USA and Canada

Squeezed between the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Japanese island of Hokkaido is the Sea of Okhotsk, the last and greatest unspoiled ocean in the world. The Earth and the sea are alive here. High and low tides vary by 14 meters, typhoons and tsunamis lash the shore with ten-meter waves.
You can’t get here by land – you fly in or take a ship. And so this is a wildlife paradise where animals grow bigger, stronger and more numerous than anywhere else. Focusing on giant brown bears, the world’s biggest sea eagles and the acrobatic spotted seals, this film tells of a world in a delicate balance of unbounded energy. Many grizzlies don’t hibernate here – they can dip into the thermal baths and geysers left by a ring of the world’s most active volcanoes. Later they’ll feast on the hundreds of millions of salmon – as long as the fishermen don’t take too many of the riches. If they do, the bears, the sea eagles, the spotted seals, otters and sea lions are suddenly under pressure, and numbers can decline precipitously. There’s no let-up in the survival struggle, only incredible beauty in the majestically changing seasons. The few people living here are held by the glory of the natural spectacles – like the world’s largest seabird colonies: auklets, puffins, kittywakes and guillemots; plus ravens and seagulls. Through the winter, the spring mating season to the spectacular salmon run, this film takes in the seasons of the sea otters in the kelp forests, starfish, sea urchins and snails, orcas, porpoises and fin whales, while the Amur tiger watches from the forest – before the blizzards return.

Awards: New York Festival (2019): Gold World Medal “Nature & Wildlife” (won)
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (2018): Gold Awards (won)
Mountainfilm Festival (2018): Camera Alpine Austria (won)


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