How Nature Heals

DW Transtel | 26 4745
30 mins / ep
Episodes 13 – 18
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People around the world have been using substances found in nature to treat illnesses for thousands of years. Long before modern scientific medicine came to dominate the healing process in many countries, the natural world provided therapeutic resources in the form of plants, water, light and nutrition. Today, both patients and doctors are reconsidering pre-modern and non-Western forms of treatment. Which ones are effective? What are the side effects? Our series presents traditional and new forms of natural medicine.

13 Healing Horses – The Wonders of Equine Therapy (2013)
14 Fasting as a Cure – New Research (2016)
15 Qi – The Chinese Art of Healing (2016)
16 Hypnosis, Meditation, the Laying on of Hands – The Healing Powers of Complementary Medicine (2016)
17 A Change in Diet – To Alleviate Symptoms (2016)
18 The Healing Powers of the Inner Physician (2016)

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