How Secure Are Our Power Grids?

1 x 52 mins

Our well-being is based on highly developed networks and all components have one thing in common: in order to function, they need electricity. We have become used to having access to electricity whenever and wherever we need it. Yet experts have recently pointed out the potential threats to our networks. Energy transition, increasing usage, bad weather and the liberalised energy market push it further and further to the limits of its capacities. On top of this, there is the existing danger of a certain manipulation such as terrorist or cyber-attacks. The list of systems which would also work without electricity is very short. Electricity is the lifeline for countless crucial infrastructures: communication, transport, food, healthcare, security, finance and production would be greatly affected. Peppo Wagner asks leading, international experts, which factors our electrical networks are vulnerable to, what the risks actually comprise and which solutions could be imagined.

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