Ile De Rhinau

OneGate Media
1 x 52 mins

The lowland alluvial forests of the Upper Rhine are also known as the Taubergiessen, Ile de Rhinau or Petit Camarque. These unique and mysterious landscapes are often admired, but very few people know anything about them. We want to find out more about the riparian forests located between Germany and France: about the female praying mantis, who brutally murders her mating partner, the wart-biters that eat anything they can get their fangs around and European bee-eaters and river kingfishers build their nests and tiger herons and grass snakes hunt. These alluvial forests are teeming with life – under water too. Pike-perches attack anyone attempting to approach their clutches of eggs, while two-metre-long catfish defend their territories against any intruders. Mass weddings also take place, when in the spring countless grass frogs and common toads compete in order to court the females, who eventually often die of exhaustion or are drowned by the males.

All of these forest branches have their own characteristics, each with an almost unparalleled diversity of life forms.

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