In Search of Old Russia

OneGate Media
5 x 50 min

This series delves deep into this more than thousand-year-old cultural history in Europe’s East. For the very first time, sensational footage, shot by the world’s best cameramen, presents a bird’s-eye view of the most important and most beautiful buildings of Old Russia. The camera explores en detail art and ornamentation, mounted on high on these splendid structures centuries ago to the glory of God, far above the line of vision of humans. Authors familiar with Russian culture find the material for their stories beneath the roofs and golden onion-shaped towers, which tell of old traditions, passions and visions. Russian and Ukrainian protagonists fill the stories, which encompass this unique culture and architecture, time and again with their warmth, their love and a good portion of humour. They proudly present the old Russian legacy that during the World War and in the old Soviet Union days, constantly threatened to disappear.

1. St. Petersburg – The Legacy of the Tsars
2. St. Petersburg – The Magic of the White Nights
3. Novgorod – A Glorious Commercial City
4. Kiev – The Mother of all Russian Cities
5. The Golden Ring – The Splendour of Holy Russia

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