Life’s a Beach! The World’s Finest Seaside Towns

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30 min / ep
Episodes 1-6, 12
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These are some of the world’s most famous places, their names inextricably associated with a yearning for the sea, sand and sunshine. People have been drawn to these locations on the shores of the world’s oceans for generations: Initially, well-heeled visitors came for the health benefits and to stroll along the promenade. But nowadays, people come to coastal resorts for other reasons – many of them of a sporting nature. Places that began life as simple fishing villages have now become prime real estate with grand villas, exclusive restaurants and chic hotels. But despite the rapid pace of development, much of the old charm still remains.

01 Biarritz – French Sophistication and Sporting Style (2013)
02 Hua Hin – Preferred Destination of Thai Kings (2013)
03 Usedom – Welcome Escape from the German Capital (2013)
04 Forte dei Marmi – Bathing Culture and Italian Dolce Vita (2013)
05 Sochi – The Russians’ Number One Spa (2013)
06 Western Cape – South Africa’s Natural Paradise (2013)
12 Essaouira – Morocco’s Windy City (2014)

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