Little Killers

OneGate Media
1 x 50 mins

The world is full of predators, but not all are big and showy. Lurking in the shadows, the little killers can be just as effective. They often go unnoticed, but with cunning and skill they are the true masters of the hunt. Thanks to the tricks of their trade, they have conquered every corner of the globe.
Forget the big predators, the showstoppers that tend to steal the lime-light. It’s the little ones you have to watch. The killer instinct is alive and well in creatures great and small. Don’t be fooled by appearance – predatory animals can come in all shapes and sizes…
Though a killer instinct might be there from birth, the hunting skills that go with it can sometimes take a bit of work.
We tend to have a natural respect for big predators; lions, tigers, sharks, crocodiles – but perhaps we are size’ists – beneath the feet of giant hunters, smaller predators are at work. Pound for pound it’s the little killer that really pack a punch!

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