Magical Moors: The Big Country

OneGate Media
1 x 45 min

Forests and fields, moors and heathland, shepherds and sheep – these are the symbols of an ostensibly unspoilt landscape that has inspired poets and painters alike for centuries. The secret of the almost 500 km² nature reserve Naturpark Südheide lies in its diversity: the origins of its soil, geology and topography can be traced back to the ice age. But the region between Hamburg and Hannover is anything but unspoilt. For centuries, it was synonymous with heathland farmers and formed as a North German cultivated landscape. This documentary tells of an almost unknown region, which has been strongly influenced by mankind for centuries, yet still remains diverse in its nature. Nature filmmaker Günter Goldmann presents the Lüneburg Heath to us with impressive behavioural observations of quarrelling black grouse, badgers in their subterranean burrows, the clashing of young wild boar and crane fledglings, who seek protection in the warm plumage of their parents. Aerial views present the region from a lofty perspective, while extreme HD slow motion images of black grouse, wild boar and roe deer provide insights into the world of the animal inhabitants in the heart of Lower Saxony.

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