Making an Ancient Forest – Kalkalpen National Park | 建造原始森林——卡尔克阿尔卑斯国家公园 (4K)

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany

What if we could turn back the clock and restore Nature to her virgin state? – before man ‘filled the earth and subdued it’… Kalkalpen National Park was commercial timberland since the Early Middle Ages. Forestry has changed since then, but never as radically as it is changing now. This is probably the hardest decision any forest manager can take: to stop managing – and abandon the work of a hundred generations. However, in these steep limestone mountains in the heart of Austria exactly this decision has been taken. The intention, though, was not to destroy – but to recreate. The forest managers stepped down and let Nature’s own management team take over. This opens the door for new life: as the variety of trees and herbs grows and expands the forests again attract wild animals which once have left the commercial woods. So we are able to witness the unfolding of a canopy of life which hosts lynx, pygmy owls, woodpeckers, black storks, a big number of different caterpillars – and the fascinating Rosalia Longicorn.

Awards: NaturVision 2016: Best Camera ; Deauville Green Award 2016: Special Award ; Jaipur Int. Film Festival 2016: Green Rose Award ; Sichuan TV Festival 2015: Gold Panda for Best cinematography

如果我们能让时光倒流,让大自然恢复到原始状态会是怎么一个样呢?在人类“填满并征服地球之前”…… 卡尔克阿尔卑斯国家公园自中世纪早期以来就是商业林地。自那时开始,林业就已经发生改变,但从未像现在这样剧烈。这也许是任何森林管理者所能做出的最艰难的决定了:停止管理——放弃数百代人的成果。但是,在奥地利的心脏地区的这些陡峭的岩石山脉上,他们已经这样做了。然而,其目的并不是毁灭,而是重建。森林管理者们各自辞职,让大自然自己接手管理。这为新生命打开了大门:随着各种各样的树木花草的生长和扩张,森林再次吸引了曾经离开这片商业森林的野生动物们。因此,我们能够亲眼目睹生命之冠的展开,这里栖息着猞猁、俾格米猫头鹰、啄木鸟、黑鹳、大量的奇异昆虫,以及迷人的罗莎丽亚天牛。

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