German with English subtitle
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At the “Berlinale”, it was decided to only award gender-neutral main prizes in 2021. A person’s gender should no longer play a role today. On the other hand, in language, gender and all its variations, such as the third gender entry, are increasingly stressed and emphasized. Doesn’t this cement a split between the sexes that should actually be overcome? In spite of everything, women are not only disadvantaged in terms of salary (visible, for example, in the gender pay gap and the “glass ceiling”). At the same time, experts around the world are faced with a great mystery: statistics show that more and more young people are struggling with their biological gender, and above all: unlike adults, the increase affects many more girls who want to be boys than boys who themselves feel to be girls. Today, puberty can be interrupted with hormone treatment, which makes it easier to reassign the sexes later. For some, this is a great psychological relief, but there are also some who regret this irreversible step. And many advocate understanding gender boundaries as a “spectrum” with individual shades.

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