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The Albanian Adriatic: Lagoons between the mountains and the sea (New; 2021; German)
Ireland’s Riviera – County Cork’s Coast (New; 2021; German)
The Danish Wadden Sea islands – Rømø, Fanø and Mandø (New; 2021; German)
The Provence Coast – Marseille and the Côte Bleue (New; 2021; German)
New York’s legendary summer resort – Long Island and the Hamptons (New; 2021; German)
Fuerteventura: The golden beauty of the Canaries
Norderney: Rugged beauty in the winds
Caribbean sisters: The Lesser Antilles St. Kitts & Nevis
The Greek Sporades – Scattered islands in the Aegean Sea
The Flensburg Fjord – German-Danish inlet
The Seychelles – Africa with South Seas ambience
South Sweden – Skåne and its eel coast (2021; German)
Greece and Its Fabled Island World: In the Ionian Sea (2021; German)
Remini and Its Riviera: Along the Italian Adria (2021; German)
Lanzarote – Fire, Lava, Light (2021; German)
The Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula (2021; German)
Crotia’s Island World (2021; German)
The Whole of Holland on One Island: Texel (2021; German)
A Caribbean Twin Pack: Saint Martin and Sint Maar-Ten (2020; English)
On the East Coast of Sicily: Around Mount Etna (2020; German)
Iceland’s Remote East: Fjords, Glaciers, Fermented Sharks (2020; German)
Denmark’s Isle of Møn: White Cliffs on the Baltic Coast (2020; German)
Scotland’s Legendary Peninsula – Kintyre (2020; German)
From Cornwall to Scarborough (2020; German)
Canada’s East – From the St. Lawrence River to Labrador (2020; German)
From the North Sea to Copenhagen (2020; German)
The Finnish Archipelago – Turku, Tango and A Thousand Islands (2020; German)
The Estuary Between England and Wales: The Mighty Bristol Channel (2020; German)
La Palma – The Greenest of the Canaries (2020; English)
The Blue and White Island World of Greece: Mykonos, Naxos and Tinos (2020; English)
Wismar Bay – World Heritage and Water Paradise (2020; English)
Albany’s Coast – Europe’s Beautiful Secret (2020; English)
Eckernforder Bay (2020; English)
St. Petersburg – White Nights on the Newa (2020; English)
Denmark’s Limfjord – From Sea to Sea (2020; English)
Cote Bleue order Sicily (2020; German)
Sint Maarten (2020; German)
Greece’s Green Fingrs: The Chalkdiki Peninsula (2020; German)
Malaysia – The Whole of Asia in One Country (2020; German)
Sweden’s High Coast (2019; English)
Madeira: Portugal’s sea of blossoms in the Atlantic Ocean (2019; English)
In Alaska’s fjord world – Adventurers in the wilderness (2019; English)
The white wilderness in Greenland’s East (2019; English)
The Caribbean for explorers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines (2019; English)
Summer in Newfoundland: Avalon – Canada’s most beautiful coastline (2019; English)
Scotland’s Mild West – On the Inner Hebrides (2019; English)
Langeoog – Island Idyll in the East Frisian Wadden Sea (2019;English)
Estonia’s Enchanted Islands (2019; English)
Norway’s Dream Fjords – The Geiranger and its neighbours (2019; German)
Corsica: A fascinating Mediterranean mountain world (2019; English)
The River Elbe Estuary: Life in Time with the Tide (2019; German)
Ibiza – Island of Light (2019; English)
Venice – Legend and lagoon (2019; English)
The Dutch North Sea Island of Terschelling (2019; German)
Greifswald Bodden: Natural paradise in the South Baltic Sea (2019; German)
Israel – Land of the Three Seas (2019; English)
On The Peloponnese – Greece’s Legendary Peninsula (2019; German)
The Volcanic Island of St. Helena (2019; English)
Peru – On the coast of the Incas (2019; English)
Holland in the Caribbean – The ABC Islands (2019; English)
The Arctic Ocean Coast – Norway’s frosty north (2019; German)
Thailand’s Dream Islands – The Archipel of Ko Samui (2018; English)
The 1000 Islands in the St. Lawrence River (2018; English Subs)
South Africa’s east coast: Durban and the great sardine run (2018; German)
The County of Yorkshire (2018, German)
The Italian Riviera (2018; German)
The Arcachon Basin: France’s dream bay on the Atlantic (2018; English)
The Weser: Between Bremen and the North Sea (2018; German)
Cyprus: Aphrodite Island (2018; English)
From Amsterdam to the North Sea (2018; German)
Denmark’s Baltic Archipelago (2018; German)
The Everglades: Florida’s Legendary Swamps (2018; English Subs)
Jade Bay: Wilhelmshaven and the mud flats (2018; German)
The River Thames: England’s Royal River (2018; German)
Majorca (2018; English)
Cambodia – Exotic world by the sea (2018; German)
Tasmania – Australia’s Biggest Island (2018; English)
Mauritius – An island world in the Indian ocean (2018; German)
Canada’s Iceberg Avenue by ship (2018; German)
Hokkaido in Japan’s Cold North (2018; German)
A Sea of Colours in New England (2017; English)
The Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda (2017, German)
Elba – Island of the Conquerors (2017; German)
The Azores – A High in the Atlantic (2017; German)
Irelands Wild West: Connemara (2017; English)
On Pomerania’s coast (2017; German)
The Schlei – Germany’s picturesque estuary (2017; German)
On the river Ems through East Frisia (2017; German)
Corfu – Greece’s Green Island (2017, English Subs)
The Danish North Sea Coast (2017; German)
The North Sea Island of Föhr (2017; German)
Norway’s Sunlit Coast (2017; English Subs)
Grand Canary (2017; German)
New Zealand’s Most Beautiful Bay (2017; German)
Monaco (2017; German)
Halong Bay (2017; German)
Mississippi Delta (2017; German)
The British Virgin Islands (2017; English)
A Winter World in the Gulf Bothnia (2016; German)
Morocco’s Atlantic coast (2016; German)
British Columbia (2016; German)
La Rochelle – Rough charm on the Atlantic (2016; German)
Estonia: The bay of Tallinn (2016; German)
England: The county of Kent (2016; German)
Life on the rocks and sea: Sweden’s west archipelago (2016; German)
The Kiel Fjord – Mermaids, mini-whales, and sailors (2016; German)
Kaliningrad (2016; German)
Amrum – Between Kniepsand and mudflats (2016; German)
Costa Brava – The wild coast of Spain (2016; German)
Hiddensee – Rugen’s little sister (2016; English)
Copenhagen: Denmark’s happy capital (2016; German)
Capri and the Amalfi coast – Italy’s ocean legends (2016; English)
Off Chile’s wild coast – The Pacific island Chiloé (2016; German)
Barbados: The Sound of the Caribbean (2016; German)
Cape Town: Dream town in Table Bay (2016; German)
La Réunion: France’s tropical paradise (2016; English)
Trinidad & Tobago: Beautiful sisters of the Caribbean (2016; German)

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