Moose Detectives

OneGate Media
1 x 52 min

Moose are an iconic species and of great importance to Sweden. That is why the country counts on a very special expert – the moose detective. Recently, a problem has developed on Öland regarding its moose. For a few years now on the island, the moose calves have been dying shortly after birth. It’s a mystery. Every effort is made to save them. The island has called upon the moose detective to investigate. He follows several leads. Soon one of the suspects is identified – climate change. But it is not easy to convict the culprit. There are other suspects as well, the food shortage for example. Maybe they have joined hands as accomplices. In Sweden moose are very important. They are game and a magnet for tourists, but they also present a huge danger to traffic and the forestry itself. Equipped with a full team and a lot of high tech devices Fredrik investigates into the habits of moose to protect the population and to keep the potential of conflicts between moose and men as small as possible, all the way from the arctic circle to the island of Öland in southern Sweden. The award winning filmmaker Heiko De Groot tells a crime story with strong and emotional pictures. The scientist becomes a detective who follows his leads and leans from a helicopter with his dart gun like James Bond. It is a thrilling story about the king of the forest.

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