Mysteries of the Alpine Moorlands

German (English subtitle TBC)
1 x 51 min | 1 x 21 min

Thousands of years old, mystical, shrouded in mist: Moors are the habitat of highly specialized animals and plants, climate protectors and preservers of a still largely unexplored world of microorganisms. Nature film director Waltraud Paschinger and cameraman Franz Posch delve deep into the habitat of native moors. They are host of fascinating specialized creatures and plants such as the ball-nesting pygmy mice, water-walking spiders, and the nearly extinct moor-king. Long unnoticed and still described as “useless” land in the 1950s, peatlands are now increasingly becoming the focus of scientific attention. Despite breathtaking landscapes and heartwarming animal tales, the film serves as a poignant reminder that 90% of moors have vanished, releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere. This documentary uncovers the captivating world where beauty meets urgency, revealing the vital role moors play in preserving our planet.

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