Nicobar Islands – A Monkey’s Long Tale

ORF-E | In Production (Eyeing June 2024 completion)
1 x 45 min -or- 1 x 52 min

If you have never heard of the Nicobar Islands, you may be forgiven. Unique and fascinating as these islands certainly are, few people could tell you where they are situated and what’s going on there, and fewer still have had the privilege of setting foot on them. So, an adventurous Indian film-maker has challenged himself to explore, with his camera, this archipelago in the Indian Ocean which he describes as one of the last remaining windows into the primeval past of tropical islands. TV audiences across the globe are invited to join and enjoy his journey of discovery. Rimmed by white beaches, an emerald sea and coral gardens, the Nicobar archipelago, a row of twenty-four islands stretching along the 94 East meridian, meets the eye with the flourish of a tropical paradise, complete with mangrove and evergreen forests and bustling with a stunning diversity of wildlife, much of it endemic and unique. The largest of these isles marks India’s southernmost point although it lies 1.800 kilometers east of mainland India’s southern tip across the Bay of Bengal. To the east, Great Nicobar is separated from Thailand’s and Myanmar’s narrow peninsula by the Andaman Sea which is less than 500 kilometers wide. The Andaman Islands which also belong to India, lie 142 kilometers to the north. Most of the Nicobars are uninhabited by humans, barred to visitors and protected as an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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