Oil-Power versus E-Power: An Industry Reinvents Itself

1 x 45 min

The spectacular circumnavigation of the globe by a purely solar-powered plane has shown what new energy is capable of. Hot on the heels of the electric car comes the electric aeroplane. Even if Solar Impulse, the company behind the plane, has not yet developed a fully market-ready product, it has demonstrated its feasibility. And in e-commerce, business models usually grow exponentially. The success of the e-mobility industry is helping it make strides into well-defended cushy fiefdoms. In the same way that Audi and BMW fear Tesla and Google, it may well be that the aviation giants, Boeing and Airbus, are threatened by competition from the realm of the battery. Schindler, the elevator manufacturer, has embraced the e-philosophy and put its weight behind the Solar Impulse project.

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