On Island Time

DW Transtel | 56 4834
30 min / ep
Episodes 14 – 19 (New Episodes)
Episodes 1-13 (Previous Episodes)
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Islands often figure in our dreams and fantasies. We are drawn to the idea of white sandy beaches and clear blue water, remoteness and tranquility. Real islands can be tiny coral reefs or huge expanses of land, nation states with large cities and millions of inhabitants; they can be located in tropical climes or in the icy waters of the Arctic. Many secluded islands have developed their own distinctive flora and fauna. As for their human inhabitants, there is often talk of an island mentality. Many islanders are closely bound up with the ocean, are involved in maritime trade or fishing, and maintain local traditions. We tell of South Sea islands, natural paradises, islands of fire and ice as well as the lives of island dwellers.

01 Hainan – China’s Tropical Paradise
02 Usedom – Germany’s Sunshine Island in the Baltic
03 Cape Verde – Creole Culture off the West Coast of Africa
04 Elba, Montecristo and Gorgona – Italy’s Tuscan Islands
05 Saint Lucia – Caribbean Zest for Life Under the British Crown
06 Dalmatia’s Island Garden – Off the Coast of Croatia
07 Big Island – Hawaii and the Ring of Fire
08 Capri, Ischia and Procida – In Italy’s Gulf of Naples
09 Lofoten and Iceland – Islands in the Arctic Ocean
10 The Canaries – Spain’s Volcanic Archipelago
11 Rodrigues – In the Shadow of Mauritius
12 Mallorca and Menorca – Spanish Mediterranean Sisters
13 The Maldives – Island Realm in the Indian Ocean
14 New Zealand’s South Island – Glaciers and Rain Forests (2024) NEW
15 The Dominican Republic – Exploring Beyond the Beaches (2024) NEW
16 Sri Lanka – Temples, Tea and Elephants (2024) NEW
17 Greenland – Life in the Icy Wilderness (2024) NEW
18 Corsica – Untamed Mediterranean Mountainscapes (2024) NEW
19 From Phuket to Ko Lanta – Island Hopping in Thailand’s Southwest (2024) NEW

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