Passion for Planet

OneGate Media
English and English subtitle
1 x 52 min / 1 x 90 min

The Canadian documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart wants to save our planet, to save us. Several times a week he dives with sharks that he finds more harmless as us humans. He travels throughout the country to present his underwater films, to prove why our oceans are worth fighting for. A change of scene; in Odisha, India, filmmaker Rita Banerji is busy shooting an impressive spectacle. Thousands of Olive Ridley turtles are making their way from the sea to lay their eggs on the beach. Just six weeks later and baby turtles the size of a human hand will inhabit the entire beach. Rita is ready and prepared with her equipment. But she is afraid that one day, India’s beaches will disappear and with them the turtles… On the other side of the planet, in Californian Carmel, eco-rebel Mark Shelley and his team have devoted themselves to the survival of sea otters. Her greatest moment arrives when female otter 501 jumps back into the wild. Will she be able to come to terms with her freedom in the Pacific, will she find food? A whole year long, the otter girl regularly swims by the bay – until one day, she brings a surprise with her.
Passion for Planet accompanies three of the best animal filmmakers in the world whilst working. They are all driven by one gigantic force: the love of our planet.

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