Poppy Seed Plaits, Salted Crescents and Kaiser Rolls – Austrian Baker’s Craft

1 x 45 min / 1 x 52 min

It’s one thing if you like to get up at night to get freshly baked bread. Mastering the “old” techniques to make good bread is another. Biting into a fresh, crusty and, so to speak, “hand-made” bread is something different than biting into an always soft, preformed white piece of dough. Austria is a country of traditional baking, which is disappearing more and more, but at the same time reappearing among “traditional bakers” as well as the “new kids on the block”, who care about buns and rolls in times when the focus is on sustainability, regionality and biological quality. But where is the dough that takes its time, that’s not made from baking mixes and that’s kneaded, shaped and flexed into shape bit by bit? Visiting individual bakers, passing the night with them and making the first fresh baker’s breakfast early in the morning is what the film is about. The documentary visits a beautiful selection of bakeries, all of them local handicraft undertakings, of course.

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