Project: Antarctica

OneGate Media
German with English subtitle
1 x 97 min

“You’d better do something decent!”, the three guys Tim, Michael and Dennis always used to hear. But can this still be said today? Can life be fun? And is it worth fighting for something that others might label as “crazy”? An example for this might be their – admittedly – rather crazy idea to shoot their own movie in Antarctica. With PROJECT: ANTARCTICA they take us on the journey of a lifetime. With this project they want to see something completely new and fulfill a long-cherished life’s dream.
They set off, go to their limits and finally look for answers to the question whether it was all really worth it. But above all Tim, Michael and David want to send a message to the younger generation: “With this film, we want to tell what we ourselves would have liked to have heard much earlier – whether at school or at home. On the topic of your own future, and what best to do with it.”

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