Russia’s Revenant – The Return of the Siberian Tiger

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, The USA and Canada

This film traces the experience of a giant Siberian tiger – up to four meters from nose to tail – as he crosses the taiga forests to find a new territory. Until recently on the edge of extinction, Siberian tigers are now protected at the highest levels and are flourishing. But young males in search of a territory are moving into human settlements; the man-eating tiger is now truly living up to its name. Its stealthy hunting style makes the tiger hard to spot in the forest undergrowth, but director Franz Hafner (Russia’s Wild Sea) studied the tigers as a young biologist, and knows exactly how to find and film them. He’s working with the latest 4K camera-traps and Russia’s top tiger trackers, conservationists and the crisis intervention team that steps in when things get dangerous!

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