Seefeld – Tyrolean Wonderland

2 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Germany

Seefeld is the heart of Tyrol, surrounded by the wildest and most beautiful Alpine peaks. The diversity of the landscape is breathtaking, encompassing primeval forests, rushing rivers, rocky peaks, pastures and waterfalls. While tawny owls and three-toed woodpeckers inhabit the forests, the higher elevations are home to ibex, chamois and the fastest predator on earth, the peregrine falcon. Part I of the documentary captures the wildlife in this magical mountain world in spectacular pictures and follows the peregrine falcon over a year – showing the aerial predator’s fascinating life in and around the highest peaks of the Karwendel. As well as the natural jewels of the region’s landscapes, Seefeld in Tyrol has a fascinating, complex historical relationship with its German neighbour, Bavaria. Part II of the documentary examines this relationship and Seefeld’s rise from a small village on an important Roman road to a major venue for winter sports and international tourism

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