Singapore – Recipes for Life

Pantheon Media
6 x 30 min

A chef-historian, upon discovering his grandmother’s long lost recipe book, is inspired to find out what makes a Singapore dish and curate a fusion feast for the guests he meets along his journey. Accompanied by a co-host with zero skills in the kitchen, an adventure of unexpected access, surprises and lots of humour unfolds as they unearth intriguing stories and collect Singapore Recipes for Life. Each episode follows a theme based on a philosophy inspired by Chef Chris Choo’s grandmother. For instance, “Food is Art in Life”, “Live in the Moment.” These are quotations she shared with him on how to approach life.

1. It is a beautiful World. Be happy.
2. Live in the Moment.
3. No judgement.
4. Food is Art in Life.
5. A Connoisseur’s Tongue is Bold.
6. Food is Medicine.

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