Sleep – Death’s Little Brother

ORF-E | 2023
1 x 52 min

It is necessary for survival – and yet related to death. It is considered a gateway to our soul and a source of deeper insight. Whoever does not find it, may despair. For thousands of years, philosophers, artists and scientists have been dealing with it – and it still holds a secret. Not infrequently, it is accompanied by unpleasant disturbing noises: Sleep. Director Stefan Wolner approaches this everyday yet mysterious companion to life from a variety of perspectives: What does research know about sleep and what is it still looking for? How did it come about that not sleeping became a distinguishing feature in our achievement-oriented society? How can we control our dreams and why have they been a timeless topic since ancient times? And how do artists – from the surrealists to today’s sleep performers – use sleep for their works?

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