SOS – Earth Calling!

DW Transtel | 564771
30 min / ep
Episode 9 , 11 , 13
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Massive changes are underway on planet Earth, and many have to do with human actions and their intended and unintended consequences. Greenhouse-gas emissions, pollution and land degradation drive climate change, which poses a threat to the environment as a whole, to biodiversity, and to humankind itself. Global warming is setting a destructive, self-accelerating chain of climatic events in motion, resulting in more frequent natural disasters. More and more farmland is being lost the world over. Some argue that genetically manipulated organisms can help solve the problems, but the consequences of releasing such organisms into the environment are not known. SOS – Earth Calling! Many people are hearing this cry for help. The nations of the world won’t rethink their response to global warming overnight, but local projects can try to mitigate some of the consequences of our blind exploitation of the Earth.

09Contaminated Ground – Industry’s Toxic Legacy
11 Chemicals in Water – The Invisible Threat
13 NoonSong – Concert and Church Service in Berlin

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