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What culinary surprises does the party metropolis Tel Aviv have up its sleeve? What’s special about the famous Singaporean chilli crab? To what does South Tyrolean cuisine owe its sophistication? Foodstuffs and dishes reveal a great deal about history, cultural influences and traditions in their respective region. The ingredients, presentation, aroma, taste and color of our foods are as diverse as the landscapes and climates of our world. Come with us on a culinary voyage of discovery. Bon appétit!

01 The Gurus of Indian Cuisine (2014)
03 Hong Kong a la Carte (2014)
04 Vienna, European Capital of Desserts (2014)
05 Perfect Cuisine, Japanese Style (2014)
06 A Culinary Tour of Sicily (2014)
07 Vietnam’s Healthy Cuisine (2014)
08 An Appetite for Tel Aviv (2015)
09 Singapore and Penang – A Culinary Melting Pot (2015)
10 Scrumptious Switzerland (2015)
11 Thailand’s Delicacies (2015)
12 South Tyrol – Cuisine Flavored by Italy and Austria (2015)
14 Pizza – The Global Fast Food Hit (2017)
15 Barbecue – Meat Cooked to Perfection (2017)
16 Tofu, Miso and Soya Sauce – The Magic of the Soya Bean (2017)
17 Pasta – Simple and Versatile (2017)
18 The Sausage – A Story with Two Endings (2017)

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