Teeming With Wildlife – Dams in Germany | 热闹的野生动物园——德国的水坝

OneGate Media
1 x 45 mins

As far as dams go, North Rhine-Westphalia is the absolute world Champion. Within its confines, there are more water reservoirs than anywhere else in the world. They not only serve as drinking water reservoirs, but also offer several leisure time activities and recreational opportunities. Many of the artificial lakes have developed into veritable natural paradises. Despite the fact that dams are man-made habitats, they have much to offer with respect to flora and fauna. The artificial lakes, with their geographical characteristics, also offer breath-taking backdrops for many endangered or threatened species, such as Kingfishers and black storks. Eagle owls, red kites, beavers, wildcats and lynx are just some of the species to have found refuge and a habitat here.


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