The Air We Breathe – How our Own Four Walls are Making us ill

1 x 43 min

We spend around 90 percent of our lives indoors, breathing in the air that surrounds us, that we live in. This two-part documentary examines how air can make us healthy or sick – because every single breath not only transports the substances from the indoor air into the lungs, but also has the potential to affect the whole body and even the psyche. The aerosols to which viruses attach themselves, notorious since the pandemic, are by no means the only problem substances to enter our bodies from indoor air. They range from tiny radioactive particles that can cause cancer to mold spores and bacteria to seemingly harmless gases like CO2, which is not only destroying our climate but also impairing our intellectual abilities at work or school. Using memorable examples and stories from patients, this documentary shows what health risks pollute the air we live in and how these risks can be avoided. Experiments and interviews with experts make problems and solutions visible and easy to understand.

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