The Air We Breathe – How we Stay Healthy in our Own Four Walls

1 x 45 min

Air can make us healthy just as it can make us ill. The extent of each is the subject of this two-part documentary. Pollution and climate disasters may mean increased contamination, but the quality of air in our indoor spaces has a lot of potential to keep us healthy. It is not just since SARS-Cov2 and the greater awareness of aerosols that there have been sophisticated ways to drastically improve the air we breathe. Researchers all over Europe are working on new ways to optimize the quality of indoor air. Ancient methods of house construction and wall cladding may be able to optimize indoor air even without technological aids. Green plants indoors can not only improve the indoor climate and general wellbeing, but even the composition of our intestinal flora. With suitable measures, living rooms and workplaces can become a “safe space” in which health hazards are minimized. Allergy sufferers, for example, can use simple aids to turn their own four walls into a recovery space in which the immune system can regenerate and the health effects pollen allergies, amongst others, can be reduced.

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