The Alpine Salt Reservoir

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany

The Salzkammergut region is home to many of Austria’s best-known lakes. These include Lake Hallstatt with its picturesque villages, the Traunsee with the TV location of Schloss Orth and even Lake Atter, which is so deep that it contains more water than the significantly bigger Chiemsee. Custom and tradition are to the fore in the colourful narcissus festival that delights thousands of people in the Styrian Salzkammergut every year. Just as the Vogelfang (bird hunt) does, which has been taking place since the mid 19th century, and which is on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The historical landscape, full of natural wonders that draw people from all around the globe, makes the Salzkammergut an incomparable corner of the world.


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