The Antarctic

1 x 45 min / 1 x 50 min (2 episodes)

In this world of ice, humans play an irrelevant role. Antarctica is a unique paradise for nature and animals: sea leopards, seals, albatrosses, wales, the rare macaroni penguins, great skuas and various other storm petrels are populating it. However, the huge penguin colonies are the centre of attention. There are 17 species of penguins. Emperor penguins grow up to 120 centimetres, while Adelie penguins are only a quarter of that size. Apart from small research stations, Antarctica is almost uninhabited. Only 4,000 people – scientists, military personnel and support staff – live in the 14 million square kilometre ice desert…

1. The Realm of the Penguins
2. Winter in the Eternal Alps

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