The Art of Soap-Making

German with English subtitle
1 x 45 min

Since its invention in the distant past, soap has gradually turned into the most widely used everyday consumer good. It has become so natural that you hardly think about where it comes from, who invented it or how it is made. Even more so in times of the global coronavirus crisis, it has become indispensable and even a potential lifesaver when washing your hands every hour. But not all soap is created equal. A luxury item for thousands of years, technical advances made soap affordable for citizens at the end of the 19th century. This was also the start of industrial mass production, and due to the carelessness of large corporations towards the environment, mankind’s oldest chemical product was soon no longer just a blessing. A rethinking, a change of consciousness, a trend reversal is taking place worldwide. Consumers think carefully before buying, and are informed about the products, their quality, composition, origin and effect – and above all, how they are made. Especially products that they put on their skin. When it comes to natural soaps, soap makers, for example in Austria, are finding alternatives to conventional industrial products.

Awards: Deauville Green Awards (2021): Trophée Argent (won)

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