1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for North America

“The Art of Un-War” provides a rare glimpse into the life and thought-provoking public projections of the Polish-born conceptual artist Krzysztof Wodiczko who is renowned for his huge projections on architectural facades and monuments. His lifelong investigation of monuments, war, and trauma is intimately explored through his urban art interventions created over the past fifty years. Wodiczko invites war veterans, refugees, and the homeless to co-create with him on his projects so they can speak about their plights in public spaces. War veterans, Hiroshima survivors, the grieving mothers of murdered children, abused female laborers — all have proclaimed their personal stories from these pedestals. The evolution of Wodiczko’s political art unfolds throughout the film, from his first intervention created in Warsaw, his birthplace in 1968, through his latest effort to transform Paris’ monument to war Arc De Triomphe into its complete anthesis – a temporary site for war abolitionism and peace activism. Filmed in the United States, France, Canada, Japan, and South Korea, The Art of Un-War is one of the most comprehensive investigations into Wodiczko’s lifelong inquiry of historical war monuments. Narrated by Wodiczko, and in conversations with artists, activists, art historians, and curators. Through colleagues and fellow artists, we come to know Wodiczko as an empathetic media artist with a deep commitment to exposing the travesties of war and its aftermath.

Awards: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival (2022): Jury Award (won)
The International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), Montreal (2022): Official Selection (nominated)
Washington DC International Film Festival (2022): Official Selection (nominated)

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