The Berlin Wall, Our Family, and Us

DW Transtel | 2019
1 x 43 min

It’s been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but differences between East and West Germany remain. Siblings Franz Hildebrandt-Harangozó and Antonia Hildebrandt were both born after 1989 and grew up in a united Germany. They study in Berlin and live not far from Bernauer Strasse, a street where the Berlin Wall once divided the city. Nevertheless, they are aware that traces of Germany’s divide still exist to this day and are keen to find out why. Their grandparents watched the Wall being built in 1961 and decided to stay in East Berlin, their mother fled the GDR in 1989, shortly before the Wall came down. By speaking to their family and exploring regions of former East Germany, the immediate and long-term effects of a divided Germany come to light. What did East and West look like during and after the Wall and what are its lasting impacts today?

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