The Coronavirus Crisis in the Brazilian Amazon

1 x 30 min

The Brazilian city of Manaus, with its millions of inhabitants in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, is the most severely affected city in the world by the coronavirus. More than three quarters of Manaus’ population was infected, and hospitals repeatedly ran out of oxygen. The pandemic particularly threatens the indigenous population, that is highly vulnerable to virus diseases. In Manaus, the reporter Julieta Rudich accompanies nurse Vanda Ortega, descending from the Witoto ethnic group, who has become the “guardian angel” of her indigenous compatriots. With the former governor of the state of Amazonas, Omar Aziz, she talks about the failed Corona politics of the Brazilian President Bolsonaro. Aziz is the chairman of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, that aims to detect mistakes, failures, and corruption in Bolsonaro’s crisis management.

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