The Dolomites – In the Heroes‘ Garden

1 x 52 mins
Worldwide except for Germany and France

Untamed wilderness surrounds the distinctive rock towers, stroked by the golden glimmer of sunset: this gorgeous scene could only be in the Dolomites. It’s a place for myths and fairy tales, and there’s no shortage of them here. But among the crags and hidden in the shady creeks, wildlife creates new stories and fables day by day. Take the lonesome wolf that roamed up from the Appenines in search of a mate – and finds her here. Or the red fox we find carelessly at ease in every habitat: forest, bare rock, meadows, abandoned huts, even snow and ice; few animals are so adaptable. And among the rocks is a more specialized and even more skillful climber – the chamois. Contemplating the Dolomites’ wildlife seems to give this region a new shape, a new spirit – and helps us understand some of the region’s immortal legends.

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