The Dreams of the Young

1 x 40 min

Jennifer Rezny’s film about the dreams of the young offers a wide range of insights into the sometimes very different lifestyles of “Generation Z”. The film also explores what sets them apart from previous generations and the big questions that concern them. Young people between the ages of 13 and 21 provide insight into their values, life plans, worries and dreams. Fashion student Roula, for example, dreams of a world without war and a great career as a fashion designer. While Frida worries about the future of the climate, Paulina is afraid of making the wrong career choice. Together, the friends share the opinion that some adults don’t take them seriously enough. Richard, an ambitious insurance consultant, wants to be a role model for others. He describes his generation as “under permanent digital bombardment, addicted to social attention, with a tendency toward non-commitment”. A “certain pressure to perform” is also typical, he says. Drama student Paul finds that insecurity is the big issue for his generation: Due to the global economic crisis, the mood among the young is “rather pessimistic overall”. The friends Julijan, Melissa and Levente share a love of German rap. Julijan writes his own songs and would like to achieve “fame” with this. But according to the three youngsters, money is not the most important thing in life: “Family and friends come first”.

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