The Global Climate Crisis – How to Tackle the Floods?

DW Transtel
1 x 30 min

In many regions of the world, flooding is a recurring phenomenon that people have more or less learned to live with. But recent years have seen an increase in the frequency of catastrophic, extreme weather events far beyond the norm. In Africa, Mozambique was hit by disastrous floods for the third year in a row. In Europe, the summer of 2021 was especially bad for Western Germany. In Asia, although accustomed to deluges, low-lying areas of Bangladesh experienced their worst monsoon flooding in years in 2020.
How are people on the ground responding to the increasingly dramatic effects of climate change? What measures are being adopted by specialists and authorities in the Mozambican city of Beira, the western German Ahr valley, and the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka in preparation for future extreme weather events? How do those affect manage to get back on their feet after a devas­tating flood? Can the problem be solved by investing in flood defenses, warning systems or assistance for flood victims? Or are these events a sign that the issue of climate protection must be taken more seriously?

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