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1 x 52 min

Cheetahs are the high-speed hunters of the Savannah. Few attempt to take on larger prey than gazelles or smallish antelopes. But on occasion, the predatory cats reveal their surprisingly different side. In the Northern Serengeti, a group of male cheetahs emerges and turns all we know about them upside down. Males are usually loners or live in small groups, but here we have five tomcats hunting together as one. It is actually, the largest alliance of the animals ever seen! This film has many stories to tell about the sleek hunters. An experienced mother has brought her sons up near maturity and is busy showing them the final intricacies of hunting before she releases her offspring into independence. The female has manoeuvred herself into a good starting position and now patiently waits until the wilderbeest are close enough to her. Then she attacks from around ten metres. She has a calf on the perimeter of the herd in her sights, but even this is anything but a simple task… Another female faces very different problems – she has four cubs to look after. The little ones have to notch up several miles every day, which is more than exhausting for the beginners. The mother keeps the surroundings under surveillance for quite some time, but she hasn’t noticed the lioness in the bushes. The lioness, on the other hand, has been observing her for even longer. Carnivores are in constant competition with one another!
After several unsuccessful hunting attempts, the five males decide to shadow a herd. As soon as one of the cats leaps into action, panic breaks out amongst the wilderbeest. It also spooks a group of giraffes. Maintaining control of the chaotic situation is challenging for the cheetahs. Their victim is a 200 kilogram wilderbeest bull – by far too much prey for a single male! But all of the months of training are slowly paying off.

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