The Lechtal Alps

ORF-E | 2020
1 x 44 min

In this documentary Tyrolean filmmaker Hans Jöchler presents an insider tip for mountain lovers. The Lechtal Alps impress with their varied landscape, diverse flora and fauna, and numerous natural gems.

This mountain world is home to the emerald-green Lake Formarin, whose crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding forests and the rugged rock faces interspersed with snowfields. In the midst of hiking trails and lush green plateaus is the small, tranquil village of Schoppernau. Situated at the back of the Bregenz Forest, the community has been able to preserve its valuable traditions, despite tourism. The village convinces with its traditional costumes and typical wooden houses, whose colorful flower decorations in front of the windows are of course not to be missed. Not far from Schoppernau, alpine farmer Karl produces butter and cheese in traditional handicraft.

As the most important mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps, stretching over sixty kilometers from Vorarlberg to Tyrol, the Lechtal Alps are home to countless treasures of nature. Thus, the landscape and wildlife of the upper Lechtal are almost untouched. Red deer are frequently encountered in this region on the Bavarian border. With their magnificent antlers, they are revered in all mythologies and cultures. In Christianity, the graceful species symbolizes renewal and resurrection.

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